Capture everlasting memories with loved ones

Document life's most special and meaningful experiences with our memory books & keepsake journals. Thoughtfully designed to record important milestones, stories, celebrations and holidays.

  • Write, draw and add photos

    Bring your family together by sharing memories

  • Capture your family's story

    Preserve family memories for future generations

  • Create a perfect keepsake gift

    Create a unique and personal gift for loved ones

  • Record your family's history

    Document and honor family history and heritage

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Our story

A Million Memories & Co. is a family-run business founded by Cristina, a mother driven by her desire to preserve all the precious memories with her kids. Frustrated by the lack of minimalist photobooks and albums she found online, Cristina set out to design her own memory book, starting with "To my son." This project sparked a passion for writing and gratitude for life's special moments, leading Cristina to create an entire collection of Keepsake Journals so every family could have one. After all, no moment is ordinary and receiving a keepsake journal as a gift is one of the most precious presents one can receive.


    The perfect gift for any grandparent who would love to record significant moments with their grandchildren in writing and images, or use it to compile a biography of their life to them. A treasure that may be cherished and passed down, one that stops time and provides opportunities for reflection for years to come. Also available in Ruby Red.

  • BABY

    The perfect gift for parents-to-be to preserve the memories that matter most by documenting their little one's story. Writing prompts in this keepsake journal allow parents to record the first time they found out about the pregnancy, to the moment they held them, to their first step and everything in-between. Also available in sage and pink.


    The perfect gift to encourage a mother to pen her heartfelt thoughts, shared moments, and dreams for her daughter each year. This keepsake journal captures their unique mom-daughter journey to present on her 21st birthday, celebrating their bond and cherished moments. Also available as "To My Son" in blue or "To My Child" in beige.